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Join our protest over social care spending plan in Birmingham

Blog post 3 May 2017

Here’s the dilemma: Birmingham City Council is to receive a total of £81million over the next three years to address its social care crisis.

But none – yes, none – of that money is going on front-line social care services.

Yes, I reacted the same way . . . stunned disbelief and frustrated that this funding is for back office functions for internal staff.

Social care is ripping at the seams, we have crisis like I’ve never known in a lifetime of social care work . . . and the money is not going where every care provider expects it to be spent.

That’s why we are running an online campaign for change.

Online 38 Degrees (People, Power, Change) is hosting a petition aimed at Birmingham City Council.

It asks visitors to “support vulnerable and older citizens who use existing frontline social care services” to add their voice to the cause.

Let me quote from 38 Degrees why this petition is so important . . . It says: “We now know that in addition to the normal budget for social care Birmingham City Council will receive in excess of £51m over the next three years plus in addition to that funding Birmingham Council has charged households the additional three per cent precept that will bring in an additional £10m each year.

“That is over £81m additional funding specifically to address the social care crisis up to 2020.

“Birmingham City Council is not planning on spending any of that additional money on existing front line social care services. Instead, it will fund back office functions for their internal staff.

“Please give your support so that vulnerable adults and older citizens in our city can benefit from this additional funding from Government.”


One of the most telling reasons for signing the petition was left just a few hours ago. It says: “Birmingham was mentioned at a national conference, for not having raised payments to care homes for 9 years.”

There are plenty of other reasons to sign, but do we really need them? I think not.

As the petition blurb adds: “Real change happens when everyday people like you and I come together and stand up for what we believe in. Together we can reach heaps of people and help create change around this important issue.”


Feeling compelled to sign? When you do please take a moment to share it with others via email or social media.