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This really is something to sing about

Blog post 5 May 2017

Dementia – one of the biggest challenges our country is facing and yet, given its overwhelming impact on society, rarely is it the headlines.

So I was delighted to read find out singing charity Lost Chord, which provides vital interactive musical experiences for people living with dementia in care homes and day centres, has been awarded £50,000 from Lottery funding,

The Big Lottery Fund, ITV and The National Lottery teamed up to give the UK public the chance to decide how £3 million of National Lottery funding could make a difference in their local area and this wonderful work won the cash.

For me it’s a ‘happy Friday’ story that cheers me into the weekend. I’m obviously pleased Lost Chord has the cash, but for me this success marks perhaps a more important issue.

Helena Muller, Lost Chord’s founder and chief executive said: “I can only thank the many people across our region who understood how important our work is and how much this funding will mean to us and took the time out to go on line or fill in the postcard to vote for us – the victory is TRULY YOURS!”

And that’s spot on. The awareness of what this South Yorkshire project brings to people with the memory-loss condition truly means the message is getting to the public.

Helena added: “It has made us realise just how important Lost Chord is to you all and it is also fantastic recognition of the work we do, with the support of our talented musicians and dedicated trustees and volunteers.

“At a time where social care is in crisis, people with dementia in residential homes and day centres need the support of Lost Chord more than ever.”

Clinical evidence points to a need to keep the brain stimulated for as long as possible and the power of live music has a significant impact on this.

Mysteriously, just like the lager in that famous advertising campaign, music reaches the parts that nothing else seems can do.

The money means that over the next year the choir will be able to provide 50 musical sessions per month, touching the lives of so many people living with dementia.

This is absolutely great news and hopefully an inspiration to others who are able to make melody. Early morning chocolate celebration now called for.