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By Debbie le Quesne

WMCA response to CQC findings on care

Responding to today’s damning report from the care industry’s inspectors, the head of West Midlands Care Association has pledged to work alongside them to help improve standards.

The Care Quality Commission report noted that 37 per cent of homes failed on safety.

Findings included residents being put back to bed in the morning because there had not been enough staff to provide them with support to stay up, a woman left with burns after falling against an uncovered radiator, cases where incontinence pads had not been changed regularly and were even reused in some instances, and the death of a woman after errors with his anti-blood clotting drugs.

WMCA chief executive Debbie Le Quesne said: “I would point out that despite the examples of some dreadful care that have captured the headlines, the Commission concluded that most homes had achieved good or outstanding ratings on safety.

“As an association we will not support poor practice and support the work of both the CQC and local authorities in their work to improve care.

“We are in regular dialogue with both Commission and council officers and offer training to members on legislation and other critical matters of care to uphold the standards required.

“As the CQC say, despite the industry turmoil, the majority are continuing to provide good care and it is our experience that most association members are actively working hard to achieve excellence in their ratings.

“Nearly all in the sector are trying their very best; those who are not should not be in the business.”